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(AAA: *20003661) — Top Performance Sire — Top 10% On Weaning & Yearling Weight EPDs — Dominant Son of Sitz Resilient 10208 — Top 5% on $Complete — Deep, Wide & Powerful



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(AAA *20003661)

“Sitz Renegade 718J” — Here we go, one of the most talked about bulls from the 2022 Sitz Angus Bull Sale – another legend sire ‘in the making’. An extraordinary sire with breed changing properties and credentials to write a new chapter in Angus history. ‘Renegade’ is appreciated for his power, performance, presence and herd-improving EPD profile – He ranks in the Top 10% of the entire Angus breed in Weaning & Yearling Weight EPDs. Top 5% on $ Complete (+299). Top 45% on Marbling, Top 15% on Ribeye & Top 5% on RADG. Not often, do all traits combine with such excellence with an elite level phenotype, capacity, rib shape, fleshing ability, huge scrotal and docile temperament. A true sire for the masses. Add ‘Renegade’ to your breeding programs today!

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