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(AAA: *19811197) ‚√âlite Level Heifer Bull Sire ‚Top 15% On Weaning & Yearling Weight EPDs ‚Strong Scrotal ‚Top Selling Son at Ellingson Angus ($80,000) ‚Deep, Wide & Powerful

(AAA: *19811197)



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Badlands was the Lot 1 lead-off Rider Pride son and $80,000 top-selling bull of the 2021 Ellingson Angus production sale. Admired by astute cattlemen from all parts of the country, Badlands puts trait balance front and center. He ties together tremendous center body mass and base width with a sound structural design and proud stride. He had a WR of 111, YR of 106, IMF ratio of 130 and Ribeye ratio of 106. His Advance donor dam is one of the top young females at Ellingson Angus. She is a direct daughter of EA Bells Girl 2181, a long-time Ellingson donor and the $35,000 Pick of the Ellingson Cowherd in 2020 to Ingram Angus. Semen demand has been very good as Badlands is slated to be utilized aggressively in some of the top programs around the country this spring so be sure to get on the list early.

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