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(AAA: *20003557) — Élite Level Sire — Top 2% On Weaning & Yearling Weight EPDs — Excellent Footed — Top 1% on $Complete (+325) – POWER — Deep, Wide & Powerful

(AAA - 20003557)



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Introducing ‘Sitz Relentless 4558J’ – one of the most POWERFUL bulls within the Sire Buyer additions in 2022. Relentless will hold the title of being one of our most used sires in needs of adding POWER!  He was the highest 205 day weight and yearling weight bull out of all the Sitz Resilient 10208 sons in the Sitz sale this spring.  He is nice headed, with a long front third and a smooth shouldered bull with a complete EPD package to boot. Top 1% on $ Complete (+325) Top 2% on performance in Weaning & Yearling weights.  Top 20% on RADG – Top 10% on Heifer Pregnancy – Top 4% or Higher on Foot Scores and Top 20% on Marbling & Ribeye and the list just goes on. Relentless is the maternal brother to the top selling ‘Sitz Drive’ sire (owned by Topp Angus) whom stems from one of the most elite females in the breed – “Sitz Miss Burgess 304D’ .   Add Relentlessto your breeding programs today!

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