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(AAA: 20475062) — Curve Bending Sire — Elite EPD’s & Performance — Elite Level SAV Renovation 6822 — Top 4% On WW & YW

(AAA: 20475062)



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SAV Reputation 2214, could arguably be one of the most Elite bulls we have to offer. He is the direct result of mating ‘S A V Madame Pride 9831‘ (President x 3045) to the very popular ‘SAV Renovation 6822’. This bull has it all going for him. He stands on a ton of bone that combines with a killer hip and hind leg shape that makes this bulls rear 1/3 nearly flawless. He has a massive center body cavity and ties nearly perfectly to very good front end. Combine all this phenotype with his explosive birth-to-growth ratio; and you have yourself a bull that is needed in today’s Angus Industry! He was born at 89 lbs. A 205 wt (1100 lbs) Ratio – 118 (The heaviest bull in the 2022 Schaff Angus Valley calf crop). A 365 wt (1670 lbs) Ratio – 113. A 17.0 Ribeye, and an IMF – 107. A must use sire for all your breeding projects! Contact us today to make your orders!

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