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(AAA: +*20574389) — Curve Bending Sire — Elite EPD’s & Performance — Elite Level Heifer Bull — Top 10% on BW — Top 15% on RADG — Top 40% On YW

(AAA: +*20574389



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"Sadler Hemisphere 2528" could arguably be one of the most Elite bulls we have to offer this year. He is the direct result of mating Coleman Donna 8113 to the very popular Hummel South America. This bull has it all going for him. He stands on a ton of bone that combines with a killer hip and hind leg shape that makes this bulls rear 1/3 nearly flawless. This bull has a massive center body cavity and ties nearly perfectly to very good front end. Combine all this phenotype with being a direct son of the cornerstone donor Coleman Donna 8113 all the stars start to align. Give us a call to discuss our bulls anytime or stop in to see them in person.

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