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(AAA: *20473229) — Well Balanced With Length & Hip — Dominant Son of SITZ Robust 717H — Top 1% on WW & YW EPDs



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(AAA *20473229)

One of the most intriguing additions to the Angus Breed in 2023. Best known as ‘Raven Magnum J345’ – an outstanding Sire who checks all the needed boxes in today’s industry. He is an elite son of the top sire ‘Sitz Robust 717H’ who excels in performance, maternal merit and carcass credentials. ‘Magnum’ will continue to carry this forth. He will be known as the herd-changing kind, yet still passing down his style & excellent phenotype. This guy is going to sire pounds and still get you the needed scores in all the right areas needed by today’s top ranchers. A Top 1% performer in both weaning & yearling weight scores across the Angus Breed. +29 on Milk, Top 25% on foot scores, Top 10% on PAP, Top 4% on Hair Shedding, Top 25% on $Maternal, and his scores keep going. He is also the son of the elite donor female, Raven Blackbird E178, an EF Commando daughter who brings forth a promising maternal influence. She checks all the boxes on your needed female influence. Excellent udder quality, disposition, milk ability, feet & fleshing ability. ‘Magnum’ comes from elite pedigree of influencers to help improve your herds at home. He is owned by Jace Jenson of Ralph, SD – and Raven Angus. Add ‘Magnum’ to your breeding needs today!

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