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(AAA: *20779596) —Excellent Sire For Pounds & Performance — Dominant Son of S A V Quarterback 7933 — Top 4% on Weaning & Yearling Weight EPD’s

(AAA: *20779596)



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‘Raven Endurance L86’ is that next level (POWER) performance bull you’ve all been waiting for and is highly recommended for all performance programs. A Top 4% Rate on Weaning & Yearling Weight EPD – a stat most needed in performance sires today. ‘Endurance’ has all the needed data and performance to ensure he can become a legend in the Angus game. He has a Top 1% on Scrotal, Top 1% on Docility, Top 30% on PAP, Top 25% on Milk, Top 20% Hair Shedding + so much more.   Endurance will be a herd-improver with an unmatched combination of phenotype, performance and carcass quality.  He is a sire that possesses total breed character and real-world production traits. His progeny will have exceptional marbling, foot quality – and valuable maternal merit.  He is sired by ‘SAV Quarterback 7933’ and by the Dam ‘Raven Blackbird F216′ and exceptional ‘Raven Powerball 53’ daughter.  She excels in udder quality, sheer beauty & performance!  ‘Raven Endurance L86 is a must use sire for your breeding projects!  Add him to your lineup today!  

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