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(AAA: *20692803) — Well Balanced With Length & Hip — Power Sire Phenom — Recommended For Growth Development Programs

(AAA: *20692803)



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Introducing – “Penz Pipeline 2587” a bull that is set to take the ‘Angus Industry’ to a new level.  Sire Buyer set out to find our customers power sires with high end growth and added frame and PIPELINE was a sure fit for this need! He is a power-bull with all the needed style, sheer power & breed character that the American rancher is craving in today’s market. Pipeline will bring forth excellent foot quality, and maternal merit.  Not often do we see POWER bulls with this much maternal influence, phenotype & overall style. He is a pound’s machine – yet, put together with perfect skeletal lines, deep rib shape with a stunning low-flank!  His Dam: ‘Penz Blackcap Effie 9728′ is a new sensation sired by ‘S A V Old West 5147’ best known for his explosive growth & style!  Pipeline was one of the best bulls to sell in the Angus Breed this year and is a “must-consider” sire for all your breeding projects.  If you need performance and power in your herds – this is your guy!  

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