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(AAA: 20694380) — Dominant Heifer Bull — Power Sire Phenom — Recommended For Growth Development Programs



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Introducing – “Penz Paragon 2469” a bull that is set to take the ‘Angus Industry’ to a new level.  Sire Buyer set out to find our customers elite calving ease bulls with high end growth and PARAGON was a sure fit for this need! He is a calving-ease-bull with all the needed style, sheer power & breed character that the American rancher is craving in today’s market. Paragon will bring forth excellent phenotype, and maternal merit.  Not often do we see calving-ease bulls with this much maternal influence, phenotype & overall style. He is a pound’s machine – yet, put together with perfect skeletal lines, deep rib shape with a stunning low-flank!  His Dam: ‘Penz Blackcap 4604′ is a new sensation sired by ‘Connealy Western Cut’ best known for his explosive growth & style!  Paragon was one of the best bulls to sell in the Angus Breed this year and is a “must-consider” sire for all your breeding projects.  If you need performance+ calving-ease in your herds – this is your guy!

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