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(AAA: *19977623) — Well Balanced Calving Phenom — Clean Sheathed & Strong Scrotal — Dominant Son of Hoover Know How — Top 15% on Weaning & Yearling EPDS — Top 10% on Marbling — Deep, Wide & Powerful



$30.00 per unit 

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(AAA *19977623

“Musgrave No Limit” was selected for his exceptional EPD profile to performance spread. A rare find today – He holds stellar phenotype, herd-changing properties and breed impact potential. He possesses top notch design with unmatched volume, dimension and sheer pounds. ‘No Limit’ demonstrates presence and structural balance in every step he takes – becoming one of the most anticipated sires in the Sire Buyer lineup.  His EPD spread is truly impressive when you measure Foot Scores, Marbling, Pound Performance, Maternal Scores & Carcass quality.  He ranks in the Top 2% of the $ Complete scores at the +318 mark.  Top 10% on Marbling – Top 25% on PAP scores – Top 30% on Scrotal – Top 3% on RADG and a +25 on Milk Power.  A rare find, such style and look with an EPD profile to boot.  A true legend in the making for today’s cattlemen.

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