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(AAA: *19202252) — Elite Phenotype With Muscle Mass, Volume & Explosive Growth — Top 25% on Claw & Angle — Impeccable Feet — Top 20% on YW — Top 25% on RADG

(AAA: 19202252)



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‘Feature’ is an elite sire prospect for all types of cattle breeders across the country. He has elite phenotype with muscle mass, volume & explosive growth. He ranks in the Top 40% on weaning weight, and ranks in the Top 20% on yearling weight epds. This brings his RADG EPD score within the 25% of the entire breed at a +.24. Feature is impeccably footed, He scores at the 25% of the breed in Foot Angle and Top 15% of the breed in Claw scores. His carcass scores ranks in the Top 35% of the breed in marbling. Feature was a crowd favorite at the 2019 Musgrave Angus Bull Sale.

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