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(AAA: 20096774) ‚Well Balanced With Length & Hip ‚Clean Sheathed & Strong Scrotal ‚Dominant Son of Deer Valley Growth Fund ‚Son of Elite Donor Dam: MA Pridella 340 ‚Excellent Calving Ease option ‚Deep, Wide & Powerful(AAA: 19469944) ‚Well Balanced With Length & Hip ‚Äî

(AAA: 20096774)



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McConnel App 042 is an exceptional calving ease sensation and one of the most popular sold bulls of the 2022 bull sale season. He is a son of one of the most popular bulls in the country Deer Valley Growth Fund. He combines proven volume with his degree of thickness, fleshing-ability, carcass quality and authentic Angus type. App was chosen by SIRE BUYER to carry on the Deer Valley Growth Fund legacy with added body depth, phenotype & volume. His legendary dam, MA Pridella 340, exemplifies maternal power in every category. Add APP to your calving ease projects today!

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