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(AAA: 20470466) — Well Balanced With Length & Hip — POWER HOUSE with massive width –Top 5% on WW— Top 10% on YW

(AAA: 20470466



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Introducing the aptly-named “Koupals B&B Real McCoy 2126” – an exciting, unique-pedigreed bull from the elite Koupal B&B Angus herd. Real McCoy is one of the unique breeding pieces to be released this Spring, offering fresh genetics and all the right pieces to make exceptional cattle that are the market-topping kind! He is the real beef bull the commercial industry has been craving and a refreshing option for the purebred breeders. He is backed by a top-performing pathfinder dam who is a maternal sister to Koupals B&B Knockout-another top up-and-coming sire in the Koupal herd. Real McCoy offers added performance, ribeye, and unmatched female-making potential in a deep-bodied, wide-based, balanced and attractive phenotypic package.

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