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(AAA: 20739916) — Well Balanced With Length & Hip — Dominant Son of Janssen Dow Jones 0005 — Recommended For All Breeding Projects

(AAA: 20739916)



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The $50,000 top selling Janssen Record Holder is one the all time heaviest bulls ever raised at Janssen Angus with a 1009 lb Weaning weight and a 1720 lb Yearling weight! This son of the $100,000 Janssen Dow Jones is from a very productive Champion Hill Georgina cow who records a progeny weaning ratio of 108 on 6 calves! Phenotypically flawless with extra stretch, body length, frame size and muscle, all on very sound feet and legs. His genetic profile reads with POUNDS all in the right package.

Top 1% for WW.
Top 1% for YW.
Top 2% for RADG.
Top 2% for CW.
Top 3%for MW.
Top 3% for $W.
Top 10% for Foot Angle.
top 10% for $Feedlot.

He traces back to one of the most prolific NWSS Grand Champion females, Champion Hill Georgina 2121 who was herself an own daughter of SAF 598 Bando 5175, the bull who produced some of the highest production cattle in the industry and left the Angus breed with beautiful, bigger framed, big middled, great uddered females.
Show Ring Style meets “Real World Performance”! You can have it all!

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