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(AAA: *19810625) ‚Well Balanced With Length & Hip ‚One Of The Most Popular Sires To Sell In 2021 Dominant Son of Deer Valley Growth Fund ‚Son of Elite Donor Dam: Janssen Bessie Heiress 6028 ‚Top 20% on Claw ‚Deep, Wide & Powerful

(AAA: *19810625)



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Janssen Dow Jones 0005 is an impressive herd sire that might be the most valuable bull every produced at Janssen Angus. Representing his remarkable performance heritage, this popular bull balances a moderate individual birth ratio of 85, with an outstanding weaning ratio of 125 combined with a 365 day weight of 1545 lbs (which ranks in the Top 5 of the entire Janssen Angus calf crop). He has a CED epd of +12 making him amongst one of the most sought after HEIFER BULLS in the country within his rookie breeding season! His sire, Deer Valley Growth Fund, is one of the most widely used sires in the country his highly productive dam balances a progeny birth ratio of 99, with a progeny weaning ratio 127 on her first two calves!

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