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(AAA: 20456920) — Well Balanced With Length & Hip — Dominant Son of Foxhovens Man in Black 726 — Calving Ease Sire — Top 2% on WW & YW EPDs

(AAA: 20456920



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Let the party begin! This guy is ready to be introduced into the Angus Industry – ‘Foxhovens Endeavor 203’. A must look Sire to add to your breeding programs. He packs a punch much different than all the rest! It’s not very often you find bulls with this much style, power, performance, calving ease, foot quality and a big-time EPD profile. He might be one of the best calving ease prospects in the country. He will be a herd-improver with an unmatched combination of performance and carcass quality. Not to mention all the cow-maker credentials. He stems from the elite female ‘Foxhovens Miss Maria 056’ a ‘TC Forthright 340’ daughter who will be on the most influential genetic contributors in the coming year. ‘Endeavor’ will be an early gestation, low birth weight sire that can be used on virgin heifers without sacrificing thickness, muscle & capacity, Angus-breed character and real-world production traits. His progeny will have exceptional marbling and foot quality, ranking him among the top foot-improving sires in the breed.

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