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(AAA: +*20373974) — Top 15% On Weaning & Yearling Weight EPDs — Strong Scrotal — Top Selling Son at Ellingson Angus ($70,000) — Deep, Wide & Powerful

(AAA: +*20373974



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Here he is, the highly requested $70,000 calving ease thriller ‘Ellingson Statement’.  Those that appreciate fault-free, no-nonsense cattle will be drawn to this sire. ‘Statement’ has authentic Angus breed character in his head and neck with impressive masculinity and base width. He has tremendous body softness to be an easy-keeper and produce daughters that can work for a living. His spectacular dam has the front-pasture look of maternal excellence, which includes impeccable udder and foot design. She pairs the fundamental necessities of soundness and production with added carcass merit, which is a rare combination in today’s marketplace. Her dam, EA Bells Girl 2181, the granddam of Ellingson Statement, is a pillar of the Ellingson Angus breeding program and was the $40,000 pick of the cowherd by Ingram Angus in 2020. 

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