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(AAA: *20744389) — Top 25% On Weaning & Yearling Weight EPDs — Strong Scrotal — A Top Selling Son at Ellingson Angus — Deep, Wide & Powerful

(AAA: *20744389



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There is no stronger way to start off our 2024 Sire Lineup than the elite herd sire ‘Ellingson Promise Land’! This magnificent phenom traces twice to the cornerstone EA Bells Girl 2181 donor right at the front of his pedigree. His genetic package covers the bases of profitable and problem-free beef production as thoroughly as any in the offering. Phenotypically, he is as complete as you will find, with superb structural correctness, length, smooth profiling and an abundance of dimension throughout. His dam has recorded a production nursing ratio of 5/103, a yearling ratio of 3/105, a ribeye ratio of 3/104 and a 362-day calving interval, having settled to first-service A.I. every year of her production career thus far. She is a maternal sister to the well-known Bells Girl flush of sisters that include the Pathfinder donor EA Bells Girl 7617, best known as the dam of Badlands, Brickhouse, Preeminent and Progressive. Add “Ellingson Promise” Land to all your breeding projects today!

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