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(AAA: +*20374007) — Top 5% On Weaning & Yearling Weight EPDs — Strong Scrotal — Top Selling Son at Ellingson Angus ($110,000) — Deep, Wide & Powerful

(AAA: +*20374007



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Ellingson Preeminent – The Top Selling Sire in the 2023 Ellingson Angus Production  Sale. He offers unprecedented opportunity, coming from one of the most prolific dams in the history of Ellingson Angus. Best known as the mother of the $80,000 Ellingson Badlands 0285 and $85,000 Ellingson Brickhouse, the influence of ‘EA Bells Girl 7617’ is just beginning to be felt. Already having earned elite Pathfinder status in her young career, she boasts a production nursing ratio of 4/110, a yearling ratio of 2/112, an IMF ratio of 3/122, a ribeye ratio of 3/106 and a calving interval of 361 days and has settled to first-service A.I. every year. Preeminent offers added stoutness, fleshing ability and structural correctness. He has the look of a balanced beef bull built to last on today’s ranching industry. He encompasses all the style you need and looks to become one of the most dominant sires in Ellingson Angus History.

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