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(AAA: *20744433) — Well Balanced — Excellent Footed ‘Ellingson Badlands’ son. Tremendous RADG performances

(AAA: *20744433)



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‘Ellingson Net Profit 3148’ was one of the most talked about bulls at the 2024 Ellingson Angus Production Sale! He was most noted for his sheer thickness, eye-appeal and muscle expression. He is a long-bodied sire with loads of growth! He was a top selling ‘Ellingson Badlands’ son. Badlands is developing a legacy for siring sons that have unmatched eye appeal, structural integrity and shear power. This standout herdsire candidate could be the poster child for that. He came off his dam at 910 pounds to earn a weaning ratio of 105. His powerhouse ‘Ellingson Chaps’ dam is a beacon for production and breed-back ability. She has no problem maintaining her flesh throughout even the leanest times of the year and is one you are impressed by each time you see her in person. This is a ‘don’t-miss’ sire for your breeding needs. Fertility and longevity you can’t put a price tag on! Add “Net Profit’ to your breeding projects today!

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