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(AAA: 20811283) — Well Balanced With Length & Hip — Dominant Son of SAV Renown 3439 — Top Performance Sire

(AAA: 20811283



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Introducing – “D Lazy T Rebellion 2042” – An heir to the throne of ‘SAV Renown 3439’ – Headlined at the 2024 ‘D Lazy T Production Sale’. ‘Rebellion’ will sire herd-changing disposition, top-width and exceptional muscle shape (most notably his rear quarter). His Dam is the trend-setting ‘D Lazy T Abigale 962’ who records an individual weaning ratio of 104 and an individual yearling ratio of 110, with a pedigree backed by ‘SAV 004 Density 4336’ from a dam with progeny weaning and yearling ratios of 108 and 106 respectively on two natural calves. ‘Rebellion’ will sire super attractive, feminine daughters that will be the bull-making kind. They will be heavy-milking daughters with excellent udder structure. He has a stacked pedigree on proven females with excellent udder quality, longevity & maternal merit. Expect Rebellion to sire heavy-muscled sons, with herd-changing docility. Add ‘Rebellion’ to your breeding programs today!

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