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(AAA: 18227124) — Excellent Numbered Sire — Real World Performance — Top 10% on WW — Top 4% on $Complete (+316) — Top 15% On YW

(AAA: *18227124



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Introducing ‘Niobrara’. Niobrara 5451 is built very athletically and gets around breeding cattle in pastures great. A true performance sire that reads better than most sires out in the game today. This sire is a numbers phenom mixed as being one of the best performance sires for commercial cattleman – to date. If you’re looking for both performance and numbers – THIS IS YOUR SIRE. He has recorded over a million dollars of progeny sales. His daughters have produced record selling sons, such as the $500,000 dollar Connealy Craftsman. His daughters are impeccably made with the right-kind udders.   His feet are excellent and square. His calves are long spined, smooth shouldered, and flat outgrow. No matter the sale his progeny are highlights and toward the top lists for looks and performance. He will add length, weight, longevity, and great daughters to any herd. His performance is nothing short of exceptional, but check out these numbers: WW Top 10%, YW Top 5%, HP Top 20%, RADG Top 3%, $ M TOP 1%, $C Top 2%, $B Top 10%, $W Top 2%

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