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(AAA: *20763632) — Well Balanced With Length & Hip — Dominant Son of SITZ Incentive 704H — Top 30% on WW & YW EPDs

(AAA: *20763632)



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Cherry Crk Chambered K124 – – was the high selling bull at Booth’s Cherry Crk Ranch’s 2024 bull sale. Sired by the $235,000 Sitz Incentive. He scored an impressive 36 individual PAP score, tested by Dr. Tim Holt in Walden, CO at 8100’ giving him a PAP EPD that ranks in the top 10% of the breed. He stems from the Envita cow family known for excellent feet, good utter structure, and longevity. $M is in the top 2% of the breed. He posted an individual performance of a 75lb birthweight indexing 94, a weaning ratio of 109, and a yearling ratio of 108 in a large contemporary group. His donor dam is a Pathfinder and has 6/97 birth ratio, 6/108 weaning ratio, 6/105 yearling ratio, and has a calving interval of 363 days. Chambered stands on exceptional feet and has an impressive phenotype. He is a must-use sire for high elevation genetics, long-lasting females, and outstanding phenotype. He will be used extensively in the McClun program as well as at Booth’s Cherry Creek.

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