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(AAA: *19105862) ‚New Generation Angus Sire ‚Real World Performance ‚Donor Dan Has 4 Sons in Stud ‚Top 12% on WW ‚+20 on Docility ‚Top 1% On YW (+151)(AAA: +*19934857) ‚Well Balanced With Length & Hip ‚Clean Sheathed & Strong Scrotal ‚Dominant Son of Hoover No Doubt ‚So

(AAA: *19105862)



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Magna is the gateway to the new generation of Angus cattle. Cattle that can do it all! A bull that has THE LOOK but also combines it with real world performance and get this his DNA confirms it also. The coveted combination of the complete package. You can have it all! Magna impressed visitors while he was on display in Denver with his soundness and style, this guy can get out and move. He will sire those scale crushing calves and still keep cows moderate, you will want to keep every daughter back as a replacement. His personal data is impressive where he had an adjusted weaning weight of 973 pounds to ratio 113 and he hit a 2 and 1 on his DNA scores for WW and YW respectively, not to mention his 16.7 inch ribeye. To top it off Magna is out of a great cow 2834. She has now put 4 sons into AI Studs. Magna is a maternal brother Byergo Titus 6340 at ABS and Byergo Titanium at Alta.

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