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(AAA: +*19934857) ‚Well Balanced With Length & Hip ‚Clean Sheathed & Strong Scrotal ‚Dominant Son of Hoover No Doubt ‚Son of Elite Donor Dam: SAV Blackcap May 7888 ‚Top 30% on Foot Scores ‚Deep, Wide & Powerful

(AAA: +*19934857)



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Brown Double Decker 0004 is a herd sire with extra size, length, muscle and growth. His performance stat line is hard to beat in all areas that drive profit providing power to sire feeder calves that grow, gain and top the markets. Double Decker is powerful in every dimension extra-long, thick and heavy muscled with superior soundness, perfect feet and a friendly disposition. His awestruck appeal is hard to miss with his physical form and superb structural design. His powerful dam is a full sister to the high income cow in the breed SAV Blackcap May 4136 well known as the dam of Rainfall, President, Raindance, Renown, Resource, and more.

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