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(AAA: +*19896033) ‚Well Balanced With Length & Hip ‚Elite Level Baldridge Alternative Son ‚True Performance Sire ‚Top Weaning & Yearling Weight Performer ‚Deep, Wide & Powerful

(AAA: 19896033)



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Baldridge Guardian is an exceptional performance sire with moderate birth and strong rate-of-daily-gain performance. He is a son of one of the most popular bulls of the decade, Baldridge Alternative. Guardian is one of the elite sires in the breed who reflects an elite EPD profile CED +8 Milk +33 YW +171 CW +86 Mar 1.07 +RE .62 $B +199 $C +317. Top 25% for 17 EPDS or $Values including Top 10% Claw 15% PAP 20% Doc 25% Angle and 35% Scrotal. Guardian was chosen by SIRE BUYER to carry on the elite legacy on strong EPD bulls with added body depth, phenotype & volume.

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