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(AAA: +*+*19478648) — Top Level Hoover No Doubt Son — Elite EPD’s & Performance — — Top 10% on WW — Top 30% on RADG — Top 10% On YW — Top 65% on Marbling

(AAA: +*19478648)



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Here he is: Baldridge Badger – Sired by the popular Hoover No Doubt and son of the legend Dam ‘Baldridge Isabel Y69’. Badger is wide based, has a superior foot, lots of eye appeal and is packed with meat and muscle. An easy use sire! Baldridge Badger proudly grazed Schaff Angus Valley pastures this summer and became quite the head turner.  He was used extensively in their EMBRYO program.   Use Badger to bring performance to a new degree of likeness and an EPD spread that counts! He will sire real life performance cattle that will last! Y69 has weaned 4 calves at 119 average and her grandam weaned 4 at 110. She is a top-ranking female in the angus breed for YW & WW growth. A pedigree that is destined for greatness.

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