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(ASA: 3985448) — Well Balanced With Length & Hip — Dominant Son of CDI INNOVATOR 325D — — Elite Level Phenotype – Tons of Style

(ASA #3985448)



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​WHF Investment J366 was our selection of the 2022 Wayward Hills Farm sale as he carries the intangibles to help make Simmental cattle better moving forward. His pedigree is backed by some of the most popular, highly sought-after genetics in the breed today, highlighted by the fact he is a direct son of the legendary WHF Summer 365C. J366’s full brother would be CCS/WHF Ol’ Son 48F, the featured stud working for the XTB Cattle in Texas. Additionally, a maternal sister topped the 2022 Bulls and Belles of the Bluegrass sale at $58,000 to the Sullivan family in Iowa. Aside from the stellar pedigree backing him, Investment sets himself apart as a purebred due to his superior skeletal makeup and flexibility at the ground while also being smooth shouldered, well balanced, and still muscular in his kind. Top it off with a calving ease spread of CE and BW, Top 10% for WW, Top 15% YW, Top 15% REA, and Top 25% TI, Investment fits the bill to help progress Simmental cattle into the future!

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