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(AMGV #: 1521573) — True Performance Sire — Excellent Yearling & Weaning Weight Performance — — Elite Level Phenotype – Tons of Style

AMGV #: 1521573


$25.00 per unit 

The high-selling black bull from our 2022 sale, you will be hard pressed to find another one that combines his level of power, performance, phenotype, muscle, maternal, and carcass. It’s no secret that Resource and Capitalist make for an elite combination, and this Exclusive x Resource son embodies that to the max. His dam is our top Resource donor, and has made a significant mark on our program. He ranks in the top 1% of the breed for WW, YW, and CW along with top 20% MARB and REA. Heavy Impact is the sire to add pounds, female-making ability, and carcass quality to your herd. Top Dollar Angus Qualified Sire.

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