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(RAAA #: 4056306) — True Performance Sire — Excellent Heifer Bull Prospect — — Elite Level Phenotype – Tons of Style

RAAA #: 4056306



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The best Mission Nexus Son to date out of a now 10 year old cow who has maintained a perfect udder and feet and caught AI first service every year. Pedigree brings in some of the most notable sires in history such as Mulberry, Mission Statement, Glacier Chateau, and more. The bull himself was Grand Champion at the NC State Fair, Dixie Classic, and Bull Calf Champion at the Naile. Incredible individual performance with a 85lb BW, 850lb WW, and 1600lb YW. Style, power, and performance. These things describe his calf crops. We used him on both heifers and cows and we are amazed at the consistency and quality. Calves exhibit excellent structural integrity with big massive hips, added bone, and muscle expression. Heifers are extended in their front third with added length. Bulls are stylish and muscular with tons of performance. Overall this bull adds top, increases rib shape and depth, adds muscle expression, adds bone diameter, adds style, and adds extension/cleans the front 1/3rd. This bull offers something unique in the fact that he has sired calves out of heifers in the 75-85lb range that come easy and cows ranging 85-100 and still come easy. He truly is a calving ease bull with added birthweight which is hard to find.

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