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(AAA: *20754549) — Well Balanced — Excellent Footed ‘Ellingson Deep River’ son. Tremendous RADG performance for a Calving Ease sire

(AAA: *20754549)



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Wade into ‘Deep Water’ with confidence and Create a Vision for Your Cow Herd! Introducing the new ‘calving ease’ sensation – ‘Vision Deep Water 3019’. Phenotypically he’s striking, powerful & athletic. On paper he’s bred for Balance & Predictability. Stems from the same Primrose cow family that produced EXT. His Vision Unanimous 1418 dam simply doesn’t miss recording a WR 5/107, YR 5/108 with a 366 day calving-interval. You can count on generations of fleshing ability, fertility and longevity. Maternal sisters have a combined progeny WR 103. Individual performance BR 97, BW 84 lbs, WR 118, ADJ WW 819 lbs, YR 113, ADJ YW 1405 lbs, 119 IMF Ratio, 112 Fat Ratio and 39.5 SC.

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