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(RAAA #: 4388923) — True Performance Sire — — — Elite Level Phenotype – Tons of Style

RAAA #: 4388923



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‘PIE Captain 057’ is one of the hottest bulls in the breed. It doesn’t take much to figure out why. He combines two of the hottest bulls in the business… PIE Quarterback & 9 Mile Franchise 6305. The matriarch of these two sires combines to bring forth one of the truest performance individuals of the breed. 68 BW, 798 AWW, 122 WR, 1345 AYW, 113 YR, 121 IMF & 109 REA. He ranks in the top %s for Growth, Maternal and Carcass traits. He carries a strong muscle pattern, elite style, phenotype & maternal excellence. He is a proven calving ease sire for use on all heifer projects. His first calves are on the ground and look spectacular. Add ‘PIE Captain 057’ to your breeding list today!

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