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(AAA: 19469944) ‚Well Balanced With Length & Hip ‚Massive Width & Muscle Expression ‚Dominant Grandson of Marcys Scale Crusher ‚Powerful Performance Sire

(AAA: +*19508133)



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Marcys Panhandle 214-9 is on-his-way, to becoming a major player in the Angus Breed. A performer for pounds, gains and power. Top 4% on Weaning & Yearling Weight EPDS. He ranks in the Top 15% on his Daily Rate of Gain epds. He will add frame and elite level carcass scores in Marbling, Ribeye and $ Values. He currently ranks in the Top 20% on $Completevalues! He is the Grandson of one of the most popular bulls this year, Marcys Scale Crusher. No other sire matches his proven volume with his degree of thickness, fleshing-ability, carcass quality and authentic Angus type. Panhandle was chosen by SIRE BUYER to carry on the Scale Crusher legacy with added style, phenotype & volume. Make your orders on Panhandle today!

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