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(AAA: *18875709) ‚Elite Heifer Bull Prospect With Mass & Power ‚Calving Ease With High WW & YW EPDS ‚Top 4% on CED ‚Top 15% on WW ‚+19 on Docility ‚Top 15% On YW

(AAA: *18875709)



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KR Synergy is the calving ease sire that bridges the gap between both calving ease & performance. He has set a new standard for low birth weight sires that deliver improved performance and striking phenotype. Hes been used successfully on virgin heifers in multiple herds across America with tremendous success. At birth, KR Synergy calves come with the right size and shape. Theyre heavy at weaning with tons of look, style and eye appeal. He ranks in the top 10% for CED, WW and YW EPD! Plus, his outcross pedigree offers alternative bloodlines to many other genetics in the Angus breed. KR Synergy was the $45,000 selection of Panther Creek Ranch and Cattle Visions in the 2018 Krebs Ranch Bull Sale and was a crowd favorite of many who spotted him In the Yards, at the 2018 National Western Stock Show.

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