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(AAA: *19372805) ‚Elite Phenotype, Elite EPDs ‚Big Topped, Square & Stylish ‚Elite $Values ‚+20 on Docility ‚Top 2% On WW (+81) ‚Top 1% on YW (+154) ‚+ Frame

(AAA: *19372805)



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An exciting young sire that is bridging the genetic gap between elite phenotype and elite EPDs. Barstow Fever is a big topped, thick butted, massive bodied sire that is stylish, square and attractive. Plus, Fever is every bit as impressive on paper as he is in person. His EPD and genomic profile place him in the top for WW, top 1% for YW, top 10% for Scrotal, top 2% for Milk, top 10% for heifer pregnancy, and the top 1% for RE. Furthermore, Fevers dollar values are off the charts with $F in the top 2%, $W in the top 1%, and $B in the top 10%. Barstow Fever is an up and coming sire thats truly on the cutting edge for advancing phenotype, EPDs and genomics. Youll be hearing a lot more about this one.

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