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7/S SPLASH 415
(AAA: *18277408)

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True Breeding Bull ‚Power Width & Thickness ‚Will Sire Elite Quality Females & Powerhouse Sons ‚Top 15% on WW ‚+21 on Docility ‚Top 10% On YW

Splash is a true breeding bull that is siring elite quality females and powerhouse sons. Splash is an Insight son that gives you more power, width and thickness, while keeping the pattern, design and quality that we all want in our cattle. In an era where foot and leg structure is more important than ever…Splash progeny measure up with large correctly shaped feet that point the right direction. Compare the EPDs of Splash to the EPDs of his popular sire and youll see that Splash offers breeders a similar birth weight and CED numbers, but with better numbers for growth, marbling, scrotal and $ beef. Splash has been used heavily in the embryo program at Krebs Ranch in Nebraska with tremendous results…in fact, a son of Splash anchored the 2019 Spring Champion Pen of 3 bulls for Krebs Ranch in Denver, and several sons have already been selected as candidates for their 2020 carload of bulls in Denver.